How to use amberos products ?

AMBEROS guarantees products comply with all the safety requirements. To fully ensure your child well-being while using the product, please choose the necklace or bracelet in a right size.
Necklace on your baby’s neck should be long enough to stay comfortable with for a long time. However it should be short enough not to chew on the necklace if it’s grabbed with fingers.
Bracelet shouldn’t be too long for the baby to take it off without parent opening safety clasp.

These are the average recommended sizes by age:

3 to 6 monthsNecklace size 11"Bracelet size 5"
6 months to 24 monthsNecklace size 11" to 12"Bracelet size 5.5"
10 months to 4 yearsNecklace size 12" to 13"Bracelet size 6"
Elementary age childNecklace size 13" to 14"Bracelet size 6.5"

Safety requirements

  • always supervise the infant when wearing the necklace or bracelet
  • remove the necklace or bracelet when the infant is unattended, even if it is only for a short period of time
  • remove the necklace or bracelet while the infant sleeps at day or night
  • not allow the infant to mouth or chew the necklace or bracelet
  • consider using alternate forms of pain relief
  • seek medical advice if you have concerns about your child’s health and wellbeing