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AMBEROS brings you the best Amber Green color stone teething bracelets from the Baltic coast- from where comes the best Amber stones in the world. Our Amber bracelets in nice roundish baroque style come in different sizes and shapes with uniquely entwined Amber stones washed over from the Baltic shore. Bracelets made out of our best Amber stones are used over the years for soothing teething pains in babies. Amber Bracelets for Teething The natural plant resin, Amber, has distinct healing properties. The people of Baltic coast have over centuries, preserved and polished these stones for their beauty and healing nature. It is a common belief and scientifically proven fact that Amber stones possess succinic acid, which acts as a natural pain-reliever and thereby reduce aches and pains. Teething is a very crucial stage for babies and mothers alike. Amber bracelets, made from the best quality, hand-polished Amber stones can provide a calming effect on those sensitive gums and make Teething easier for the babies. AMBEROS strongly believes in keeping up with the tradition and traditional practices to ensure our Amber bracelets bring out the unique properties to our customers. With an aim towards providing the best quality Amber stones, we polish them and shape them manually, despite the high demands for our bracelets. Colored Amber Bracelets for babies We have a myriad of choices in colors, shapes and sizes of Amber stones to provide variety and choice to our customers. There are traditional golden yellow stones and also the magnificent and dark amber stones to match the vitality of your baby. We have threaded these into unique amber bracelets for babies. Our bracelets can be delivered to any part of the world. You can select a delivery method to have it hand-delivered at the earliest to soothe the Teething ache of your baby. Our one-of-its-kind and lovely Amber bracelets can also be the best gift for any baby! Check out our products for ordering the best Amber stones from the coast of Baltic Sea!