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AMBEROS provides the best quality, hand-made AMBER Cherry color Necklaces in a myriad of colors and shapes! We bring to you the best and hand-picked, hand-polished Baroque style nice roundish shape Amber necklaces from the Baltic coast- to relieve the Teething problem of your baby! Teething can be a trying time for both mother and baby. Our Amber necklaces are made from Quality Amber stones collected over the years from Baltic coast and manually polished to bring out the best ingredients in them. These Amber necklaces release succinic acid slowly, with the body heat, to provide relief to all kinds of pains including Teething pain in a baby. Why Amber? Amber, the natural plant resign, comes with natural ingredients that works best with a baby. As the necklace is worn outside the body and comes with natural healing properties, it is best suited for babies. The succinic acid, released from the Amber beads is safe for baby use. Amber stones come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Interestingly, the Amber stones that wash over the Baltic coast are never the same as its predecessor. They are uniquely colored and shaped. Amber stones, once manually polished and shaped into different sizes form an aesthetically attractive ingredient for a necklace. With its healing properties for teething and other purposes, these necklaces offer the best and most attractive option. Amber Necklaces for Teething For years now, people in and around the Baltic coasts have preserved the Amber stones that have washed over. These Amber stones then were used for healing teething problems in a baby and also as an accessory for adults. Today, we share this preserved history with the world, with our Amber necklaces. We have woven these Amber stones into various colored necklaces for babies who might need them anywhere around the world. Ordering our Amber stone necklaces is simple. Pick the best necklace design and stone color of your choice, to get it delivered to your doorstep.