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Healing Properties of Amber stone  The naturally occurring Honey color Oval Beans style Amber stones are planted resins that come with healing properties. The succinic acids present in these resigns are released slowly when the necklaces are worn by an adult or a child. The body heat of the wearer induces the release of succinic acid, a natural analgesic or a pain-reliever. This release of a natural ingredient can cure pains in adults such as arthritis, rheumatism and many more aches. We are at an advantageous position at AMBEROS since we are sitting right at where the action is – on the Baltic coast. This has helped us reap some of the beautiful Amber stones that sea has brought us over the years. We now have a splendid collection of multi-colored, multi-sized Amber stones to make remarkable and unique necklaces for adults. Amber stone necklaces as adornments What makes Amber stone special is their beauty and magnificence. The stones come in many different colors – the colors of the ocean and nature! This gives us an opportunity to weave them into various varieties to form alluring necklaces. You can choose from any number of necklaces from our collections or order a couple of them to provide comfort and relief from your pains and add on to your beauty. We, at Amberos, have mastered the art of delivering our Amber necklaces to all parts of the globe. We believe in spreading our knowledge and treasure to adults and children who have the most need for them! Order now, to enjoy the natural benefits of Amber stone necklaces.